Hippy Doublespeak...

I just don't understand some people:
' "Bottled water to me is one of life's crimes," Trudeau told an audience of 200 people at a University of Guelph environmental science symposium over the weekend.

' "It's not natural, pure, clean," said the ex-wife of the late Liberal prime minister Pierre Trudeau.(link)(via)

Forgive me for bringing this up, but public water hasn't had the exact tract record of "purity..." Remember the Walkerton tragedy? When public water goes awry, everyone buys bottled water like nuts. Why? Because a company's name is behind it, and there is someone to sue if things go wrong. Meanwhile the government or those responsible in government or government agencies can get away scott free when they screw up. No one complains about bottled water then.

So sorry Mags, no pay dirt there on that lefty socialist doublespeak.

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