Liberal Astronauts Part Trois...

Garneau strikes again:
Liberal candidate and former astronaut Marc Garneau is defending what he calls his strong feelings of patriotism.

'I don't think a lot of Quebecers have thought it through' — Garneau

He told Montreal's La Presse he could not live in an independent Quebec and would leave if the province were to separate.

"It's a little bit like the United States going into Baghdad. It happened very quickly. But what after that?" he said Wednesday in Montreal. "If you say you are a sovereigntist, you have to think it through. I don't think a lot of Quebecers have thought it through."

Garneau is quoted as saying he has "the maple leaf tattooed on his heart."(link)

His comments are splashing across the media everywhere right now. Garneau's becoming more of a liability at this point than a "star." The intent on running him was to showcase Liberal talent... So much for that idea.

Garneau should have never entered politics. He should have stuck to justifying a pointless Canadian space program that does nothing more than piggy back on the Yanks...

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