Skeletons maybe?...

Brian Tobin is out.

The field for the next Liberal leader seems now to be dominated by low grade names, and former members of other parties that some would label "traitors..." Not me, but other nameless people...

This is like the contest of disappearing contenders... Someone was remarking to me lately that the reason why he thought McKenna took the bow, was that someone let him in on a Liberal skeleton that will likely come out before the next election. It's all conjecture of course, but now that Tobin's taking the bow I have to ask the question is that theory even slightly true?

Is there something we don't know that the Liberals have hidden away somewhere that Harper's just bound to stumble on?

Even McKenna's bowing out was weird. He first resigned as Canadian amabassador to the US quickly... Almost too quickly fueling speculation that he wasn't going to wait for Harper to fire him so that he could run for the leadership. He was all smoke and mirrors then about the whole issue of his running. The turn around caught everyone off guard. And that's what makes it all the more weird.

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