McKenna's A No-Go

This is just... Out of nowhere...
' OTTAWA (CP) - Frank McKenna says he won't seek the leadership of the federal Liberal party because he doesn't want to return to the "trap" of politics. '(link)

Now stop that hyperventaling politicos everywhere... McKenna's gone, yes, but the Rapture has not yet happened. The dead do not walk the earth, and the mushroom clouds haven't appeared so buck up already. Take a brown paper bag and take a deep breath.

McKenna's gone.

That means a couple things. There is no air apparent anymore. The field of opportunities for Liberal leader has just been blown wide open.

I still hold out a gut instinct/slight incling that Brian Tobin will appear out of nowhere and give it the "what-ho" at the Leadership. Allan Rock may be far more of the darling of members of the left of the Liberal Party like Warren Kinsella.

Either way things got a whole lot more exciting.

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