Douglas The Fake

Apparently the CBC has pulled their series on socialist NDP Premier Tommy Douglas due to complaints about that ever pesky of things "Historical Accuracy":
"One example cited was the suggestion Gardiner drank alcohol, when in fact he was a teetotaller. In one scene, Gardiner berates miners in the 1931 Estevan coal strike in a broadcast to the province. However, historians say the speech never happened and Gardiner wasn't premier during the strike."

A by chance mistake or a deluted left wing propaganda? This is telling in the search for an answer:
"Last week, some trustees with the Prince Albert-area Saskatchewan Rivers School Division argued the movie shouldn't be shown to students. One trustee argued it was a free-speech issue and students shouldn't be prevented from seeing it."

Students aren't prevented from watching the show. But if you want to teach history, mee thinks you'd want to teach REAL history.

When I first heard of the CBC effort to produce this series on Tommy Douglas, I knew what to expect. Firstly it's telling they chose to do made for TV movies and miniseries on people like Trudeau, and Douglas. Where's Mulroney? Where's Ernest Manning? Where's Sir John A?

It's just as telling to note what the CBC's usual coverage is like. With the likes of Neil Mcdonald, who's political views are pretty clear by his "chosen" stories, you know that a miniseries of Tommy Douglas done by the CBC would no doubt be skewed with a left wing bias.

Now I've never seen the series, so these suspicions I can not confirm for sure. But I can say this - Tommy Douglas was not the ideal left wing visionary he's made out to be today - especially by the NDP. The NDP itself would not find itself agreeing with many things Douglas believed... Namely that homesexuality is a mental illness for one...

If the movie portrayed him as an enlightened man, able to fit in today's NDP like a glove- then it's clearly out of whack with reality.

My thinking is that the CBC's usual spinning and stretching of the truth has finally caught up to our most revered public broadcaster.

Hopefully they'll learn to turn down their enlightened Urban-high class-Toronto Centric agenda a smudgeon... But somehow I doubt that.

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