Fly Brick! Fly!

Apparently only two engineers out of 200 dissented from giving the "thumbs up" for the Shuttle to launch. The Orlando sentinel doesn't agree with them:
"Delaying Discovery's mission to make more changes to the fuel tank would increase the pressure to launch to finish the space station before the shuttle's scheduled retirement in 2010 -- a pressure that could shortchange steps to deal with other risks."

"Manned spaceflight is, even under the best conditions, a risky business. NASA took a well-deserved pounding from critics after an investigation showed it had neglected safety before the Columbia disaster. But if the agency overcompensates, it might never return astronauts to orbit."

The important question here is WHY did those two engineer dissent? Was it because of cocerns of foam still falling off of the ET?

Or was it because NASA still hasn't worked out just what in the heck is going on with those pesky ECO sensors?

What if those "other risks" are risks that should be of primary concer now?

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