In the year 2021...

15 years isn't so long:

"The Futron study predicts that space tourism could become a competitive, thriving business. By 2021 it is possible that up to 14,000 passengers annually could book suborbital flights and the industry could be taking in over USD700 million. Orbital passengers may increase to 60 per year and generate over USD300 million in revenue during the same time frame."

"Space Adventures is now charging USD102,000 to pre-book a suborbital flight to depart when the trips become available in about two years. Virgin Galactic expects to charge about USD200,000 for its first suborbital flights. However, Futron projects that prices will decrease gradually after the first three years of commercial service, and as demand increases, the passenger flight fee could fall to USD50,000 by 2021."

With the boat load of companies joining the sub-orbital bandwagon I find it hard to believe that there isn't at least some sort of potential market out there. Part of it is no doubt hype and stargazing dreams that only gajillionairies can deludge into by founding rocket companies and building rockets for a market that "could become" all they hope it is.

I'd also like to know if these numbers are inflation adjusted or not. That seems to me to be a very BIG thing they are not talking about in this article.

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