Let's get our ACT together

Australia is having some problems enacting civil unions:
"ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell lashed out today at the Senate decision to reject a move to overturn the federal ban on civil union laws, describing it homophobic."

"LABOR and the minor parties failed this afternoon to reverse the Federal Government's ban on the ACT's civil unions law in the Senate."
" 'I welcome his decision to support the right of the territory to make laws that affect our community.' "

"The ACT would now look at creating a new Act, but Mr Corbell warned it would not water down the intention of the original law."

Besides some really bad verbage I found this article drenched with irony. In Canada, where we don't have civil unions but full blown same sex marriage, the will of dissenting provinces like Alberta is ignored by lobbyists for SSM who say dissenting voices must accept the will of the majority.

Meanwhile in Aussie country, dissenting territories all of sudden have "rights." I guess when ssm proponents are in the minority, all of sudden a majority vote does not determine the truth.

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