Got 300 bucks?... I got a bad need to launch some photos in the great dark beyond...

For the price of $295 USD, you can send a comprising picture of yourself into space thanks to Hotel Tycoon Roger Bigelow:
"Freefloating inside will be 1,000 photocards and small personal objects contributed by Bigelow employees. If all goes well, those items will be continuously blown throughout the pressurized module in a kind of space collage. Six onboard cameras will stream video to Bigelow's new website, which will launch tomorrow or Friday. Seven external cameras will provide views of the Earth from space and the outside of the module..."

"But it gets better. Subject to a successful launch of the first module, Bigelow will launch a second Genesis module in September, and that one will contain photos and other small items contributed by anyone who cares to pony up $295."

I better make sure no one in my family finds out of this. Years of collecting photos of myself in embarrasing situations could become universaly worse if they have some spare cash to burn...

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