The Clown Show Files XI

Volpe's $5,400 per person money laundering scheme -er- I mean totally legal and clean donations, has earned some bad mojo. Now he's returning said donations in the hopes that his leadership ambitions won't be tanked by his uncorruptable actions...

Along with that offensive, the Volpe team has decided it best to threaten legal action against those that called a spade a spade:
"Volpe's lawyer also sent New Democrat MP Pat Martin a letter, threatening a libel suit if he didn't retract his accusation that Volpe perpetrated a 'deliberate and well-orchestrated fraud' to circumvent the ban on corporate donations."

Note to self: don't say anything bad against Volpe... Volpe can do no wrong... Volpe can not be critized... All Hail Volpe!

On top of that, the Volpe team got into some nice spinning about the whole affair:
"I think this is an indication of people's confidence in Joe Volpe as a leadership candidate and they're doing everything they can to ensure that support comes from all quarters."

Interesting way of looking at it... Money Laundering = indication of people's confidence...

I guess Al Capone must've been one popular guy then.

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