So much for "voteable" private member bills...

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act appears to be in the can:
"Benoit's bill is the only private members bill, other than the one to support traditional marriage, to be deemed non-votable since Parliament changed procedural rules to assume all bills voteable unless specifically targeted as problematic by the committee."

This decision, in a Conservative lead committee was probably a 3 to 2 split against with the NDP, BQ and Liberals scuttling it on mass. Now the actual votes are unknown, but I would be surprised if I saw otherwise. I could see a potential situation where the Harper government may not want to see a bill like this come to a vote because of it possibly could endanger the well crafted "moderate" conservative image. Though at this point I think it's more probable that the socialists on the committee formed a pact.

This type of behaviour is about as wrong as anything could get. ALL private member's bills should be voteable.

Apparently that concept is lost on the so-called "progressive" left.


  1. No wait! Leon Benoit can defend his Bill on Tuesday. See my blog for more details-- too long to list here!