The Clown Show Files XII - The Volpe Legend Continues...

"'I think any candidate for the leadership of this party has to safeguard not only his or her reputation but the reputation of the party,' Ignatieff said in a telephone interview from Winnipeg."

"'And there is no way to avoid the fact that Mr. Volpe’s campaign difficulties have caused reputational damage to a party that I’m sure he loves as much as I do. Mr. Volpe must draw his own conclusions.'"

Ouch! What happened to being all nice in this race to become the leader of the Party of No Principle?

I guess that one went straight out the window.

How does Volpe respond?
"Volpe said he has an 18-year political record of integrity."

"'If people join onto our campaign, if we expand the base of support for the Liberal party, then clearly we would not have damaged it,' he added."

Especially if the people that join are the children of rich pharmaceutical execs...

Oh and the quote of the day comes from political scientistHeather MacIvor:
It's a chance, ... for "the Liberals to be like Madonna. They can go away for a time and reinvent themselves."

Will the Maternal Girl be coming back wearing a cowboy get up then?

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