Apparently the next election is already over...

Moreover, Liberals are also looking at the real possibility that Prime Minister Stephen Harper (Calgary Southwest, Alta.) will "in all likelihood," win at least a minority or a majority in the next election which is affecting the whole dynamic of a Liberal leadership run. (link)

Stupid doesn't begin to describe this. Whatever Liberals are openly musing about these things with the press are doing the same harm to that party that was done to the Tories for years by Tories. Never pre-judge the outcome of the next election - no matter the situation. Because anything can happen. All you do is discourage supporters by musing about defeat. Remember Ralph Klein's election prediction at the outset of the last federal election? How wrong/stupid/arrogant/presumptious/"out of his mind" was he when he said the Tories didn't have a chance?

But heck, if the Whigs want to shoot themselves in the shoot, they can go ahead and do it.

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