Turncoat vs. Turncoat

The Daifallah makes one good point:
'Simpson appears to have no clue how Stronach operates and how good she is at bringing people to her side. She will run for Liberal leader and I'd give her a better chance than not of winning it. Indeed, the next Liberal leadership could be a Brison v. Stronach race.

'It was clear to anyone who knew Belinda or had had any sort of interaction with her that her only goal was 24 Sussex; Stephen Harper himself said just as much in his post-defection press conference. Scott v. Belinda. That'll be fun for Tories to watch.(link)

Now I don't usually quote the Daifallah because he aint on my happy list. The final straw came for me during the SSM flare up last year. But it didn't come from nowhere. For a while Daifallah had shown signs to me of being a Harper defeatist. I suspect secretely hoped for a Mike Harris take over of the federal party with a couple of blog posts I read. In any event, he didn't think Harper could win, and I was sick and tired of reading his negative comments. Obviously he was wrong. Harper did eventually win.

I guess time heals, so I've been reading his stuff again. He made a good point here, I'll say that much.

With all the apparent successors to Paul Martin bowing out of the race one by one you wonder if the only contenders for the leadership will be turncoat Tories that jumped ship, and former NDP premiers. Crap, they might as well add in Lappiere in that mix to have all the parties represented.

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