Harper is Wrong...

Apparently the only party in the country not to accept traitors in it's mist without forcing them to have win their nomination in their respective riding has just sold out.

On a day when Harper swears in a Cabinet without noticeable social conservative Jason Kenney, and instead chooses to put in a populist of questionable loyalty in the form of Chuck Strawl, and a Liberal traitor who jumped ship for a cabinet post, I have a deep profound sense of loss.

I just hope Emerson has to win a nomination vote from local Conservatives in his riding. If Harper has given him a nomination lock "guarantee" I may just get even more depressed than I already am.

How is this playing out in the press?
' "I think a lot of people in the Conservative party came from other parties. There wouldn't be a Conservative party today if people hadn't come from other parties," Powers said.

Political analyst Joan Crockatt said Emerson's flip-flop does raise some ethical questions, as his riding elected him as a Liberal.

"But it's something that shows that Stephen Harper is taking to heart some of the criticism when he didn't win any seat in three of the major cities in Canada," she added.

This is insane. The press should be hounding Emerson. The constituents of his riding were wrong I believe to elect a Liberal, but in the end they DID.

This is travesty to democracy, and it was quite frankly the wrong decision for Harper to make. I'll say it again, and I may take a beating for this, but it's the truth: THIS WAS WRONG, WRONG, WRONG...DEAD WRONG.

It was wrong when Belinda Stronach did it, it was wrong when Scott Brison did it, it was wrong when Keith Martin did it, and it's wrong when it benefits my side.

I've supported Harper from day one. I've supported Harper when no one else would. I still think he will show what he's made of as Prime Minister. But this wasn't the way I wanted to start, and it has shaken my faith a bit.


I've just heard that Harper is appointing a Senator unilaterally breaking his promise to elect all appointments to the senate.

I'm still reserving judgement until I hear what Harper has to say to explain all of this, but Harper must know he is about a millimeter from a Grassroots revolt if he doesn't have a hellavullah good awnser to all of this.

Addendum 2:

Apparently Fortier was appointed as Public Works minister by being appointed to the Senate. Though Harper has vowed that this is temporary, and Fortier has vowed to run for parliament in the next election. I remain irritated, but not in schism with Harper over this brouhaha. I don't think this was necessary, but apparently Harper thinks it is.

Though the Emerson debacle is still wide open. I've heard that Kenney is Parliamentary Secretary to Harper, however there are still many other more loyal MP's that could be in Cabinet instead of him. Like for example Diane Ablonczy?...


  1. CuriosityKilledTheCat5:56 PM

    What a blunder!

    Just sworn in and Harper shows his arrogance and political immaturity in these ways. It should not really be a surprise to us, though: he is used to running things “my way or the highway”, and this breathtaking arrogance in doing a 180 degree turn on parliamentarians who change parties, really takes the cake!

    These crass steps just confirm the views of the voters in Canada’s big cities: don’t trust a man who runs a stealth campaign, hiding many of his policies.

    Going to be a very interesting 12 months!