Some meanderings on taking L1. It's interesting though, Chair Force Engineer doesn't mention one big huge piece of infrastructure in his return to the moon plan: The ISS.

The International Space Station is noticeably absent. I guess he must be assuming that the white elephant will be retired in his scenario. If so I'm on onboard.

"L1" refers to "Lagrange Point 1". It's a point in space where the gravity between the earth and moon exactly cancel each other out. So, a space ship could hover there and always be in the same position relative to the earth and the moon. The other possibility of course is to actually have a space ship in "orbit" around the point. Theoretically it is possible.

So the idea is put a space station at L1, and we have a way point to the moon essentially.

I understand the need of having an L1 space station for easy quick returns from the Moon. Though I can't help but snicker at all this. Following Chair Force Engineer's plan would have a small, lean, space station at L1 that would actually serve a purpose: a gateway to the moon.

The ISS's purpose?... I'm still trying to figured that one out.

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