If this is unfair my life must be a beating fest...

Awwww.... NDP doesn't want to play with Buzz more, so Buzz won't play with NDP:
"Buzz Hargrove, Canada's most prominent labour leader, says he won't try to rejoin the New Democratic Party after being suspended for supporting some Liberal candidates in the recent federal election."
"'There was no notification, no evidence presented to me and no hearing. I don't want to legitimize that sort of process...'

Buzz seems to think that this was unfair. Wow. Buzz was an NDP member. He endorsed the Paul Martin Liberals. For that the NDP said "sorry Buzz, but you aint a Dipper no more." Wow. That was so unfair.

What about Buzz's right to be a member of the NDP? It's a human right I tell you! NDP membership should not be exclusionary. It's an affront to the principle of equality of the NDP. Making a "no Buzz's allowed" rule is discriminatory. Just because he doesn't meet the definition of a "member in good standing of the NDP" by not supporting the NDP is not fair. My definition of what it means to be an NDP member is not the same as your definition. It's all relative.

What's next for the NDP? To start excluding gays and lesbians from marriage! Tommy Douglas would be ashamed!

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