"US Style..."

OTTAWA -- Stockwell Day is considering a U.S.-style armed border patrol to stop "bad guys" getting into Canada.(link)

Those two letters are treated with absolute disdain in the media... "US" Styled anything is automatically supposed to indicate that the worst possible of all hells is just around the corner: Canada becoming like America.

For those that don't know, in Canuckland, we don't have armed border guards. Instead we give them a quarter and tell them if anything happens to call the police.

So when armed men go past the border, they just show their rifle at the Canadian guards, and they just take off and call the police while the armed culprit truts into Canadian territory and shoots someone.

At the immediate suggestion that we do what border guards have requested and actually arm them, the whole suggestion becomes "US styled..." In other words it's stupid, uncivilized, bigoted, racist, and Red Neck- just like our friends to the south.

This is hogwash.

First of all, the media needs to yank the pickle out of it's rear, and stop with the prejudice. The letters "US" are not something negative. In fact sometimes they can be something dowright positive.

And also, how many other countries in the world arm their border guards? How come they don't call this "French Styled" or "Chinese Styled" armed border guards? It's press anti-American bias.

Get over it, and grow up.

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