Daifallah Is Right

No really, he is:
'If you have picked yourself up off the floor from laughing yet, you will realize that yes, Monsieur Mimeau actually said he was supporting Stronach for her "grasp of issues and her down-to-earth attitude" and that she "convinced" him to come back to politics from the private sector.

'Belinda can be seductive, that's for sure. But did it not occur to this reporter to inquire as to whether there might be other reasons for their support?

'Guess not. Because Belinda Stronach would never buy people. Oh no. Never...(link)

Besides being a blindly Harrisite Anti-Harper partisan, atleast Daifallah's got it right when it comes to the Stronach. Though that isn't the only way she recruits.

Meeting Belinda a whiles ago, I got to see her charisma up close and personal. I couldn't help but notice the salivating males drooling around her at any given time. Oh they never did or said anything innapropriate, but it was obvious that her support came mainly from young male Tories. Unfortunately that was just reality. Men are inherently stupid. They let what's in between their legs make the decisions more often than not. A women's smile has motivated me to do many a thing that looking back was more stupid than I can think and caused more pain that I need to remember.

What's worse we fool ourselves into thinking that sex isn't our motivation. Unfortunately I have a mountain of experience in this area and plenty of hurt to back it up. But experience has breed some common sense, and I always relished the fact that I "resisted the Belinda Lure." Honestly it was if I didn't know a single male Tory under the age of 30 that didn't support her. Even ones that didn't had nothing but good words for her. So I felt a little bit like some unix rebel or something...

Good advice is to talk to women. They aren't so stupid. Women Tories had a passionate ingrained distrust for Belinda no matter who I talked to. They had no less but some passionate words for this "down to earth" woman. I took it as a sign that my suspicions were correct.

So by all means Belinda is paying off her supporters. But never underestimate the stupidity of the male gender: sex works too. Notice that all of these new recruits are males in this piece?....

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