Trudeau A Tory?

This will give you a morning spook if nothing else will:
'Trudeau, who is not a member of the Liberal party but calls himself both a small- and big-L liberal, emphasizes that Katimavik is a non-partisan organization. "As you look at what the Conservative government stands for, it's the engagement of the individual, the empowerment of everyone, and the taking on of personal responsibility, not just waiting for the government to do anything," he says. "That's what this program's all about: Sending young people out there to take on the world and make a difference."'

If he really believes that, then I wonder how he rationalizes what his father did to individual responsibility in this country?

No really, just how does this guy think then?...

"hmmmm... Individual empowerement and personal resposibility be damned! I'm a Liberal. Give me Government anytime!"

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