What about Belinda?

The media is all knifes and fireworks over Harper's preparations to fire Shapiro:
'Prime Minister Stephen Harper is preparing to dump the ethics commissioner and is actively recruiting replacement candidates, CTV News has learned.
'Shapiro said he would investigate whether Harper breached the parliamentary ethical code for MPs by appointing David Emerson to his cabinet two weeks after Emerson won his B.C. riding as Liberal.
'At the time, Harper's communications director Sandra Buckler said the prime minister is "loath to co-operate with an individual whose decision-making ability has been questioned and who has been found in contempt of the House."

They make it appear here that Harper has only decided to fire Shapiro after he decided to investigate Harper. Apparently reading campaign literature and party policy is never a pastime for members of the Englightened Higher Beings in the Established Media. Having a full independent ethics commissioner that reports to parliament and not to the PMO has been party policy before the Conservative Party had a heartbeat.

Shapiro was the Liberal's choice for ethics Czar. He reported to, and worked for Paul Martin.

Why is Shapiro only investigating this Emerson affair? What about the Belinda, or Brison fiascos that had plenty more evidence to suggest that votes were bought off for cabinet positions? The only difference I see between the two, is that the latter two were orchestrated by previous Liberal Prime Ministers.

Does Shapiro have a slight bias? You bet your keister he does.

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