Shapiro Backs Down

I'm conflicted about this one. Apparently Shapiro has ruled that Emerson's floor crossing wasn't unethical afterall... I wonder if he'll rule next on the ethical behaviour of his own office? I'm thinking not.

This was a joke of an investigation from the get go. Shapiro's bias was pretty clear when he decided to investigate floor crossing that benefited the Tories, and not floor crossing that benefited the Liberals. But "I can't investigate a thing until parliament resumes" we were told. Strange how Shapiro felt all the more ready to investigate Emerson's defection even though parliament wasn't sitting.

So how to explain this ruling? Maybe he's trying to go out with some class. Afterall there's no way that he'll be kicking around after the Tories are done passing the Federal Accountability Act.

We'll eventually have a new ethics czar with some teeth, that isn't a Liberal appointee.

We'll probably never have a really "ethical" Ottawa. Because, afterall, politicans find clever ways of circumventing rules, and often ethical "norms." But hopefully we'll have a "more ethical" Ottawa as a result of this experience... Well I can wish can't I?

The best thing we can do to prevent future Emerson's/Brison's/Stronach's is to ban floor crossing... That will take someone with guts in parliament to pull the trigger and introduce a bill. Maybe after a while when all this Emerson non-sense is done and over with?

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