The Trouble With Sensors Part II

Apparently the ECO sensors may cause a shuttle delay... Me thinks it's time to actually "identify" the root cause of the ECO sensor failure no? Note that the article specifies ECO-3 sensor being the sensor showing signs of trouble. Last year the ECO sensors they that would only work intermitently were ECO-3 and ECO-4... Coincidence? If it is it's a whopper. IOW: NASA was wrong to think that the problem was solved.

My gut says that this is a problem that starts at Michoud facility that actually builds the tanks, or it's in the design of the tank. Also Engineers last year talked about the new heaters possibly interfering with the ECO sensors...

In the end NASA may just choose to ignore, and modify the safety rule that all 4 sensors must be working to just 3... "They've never caused an accident before," or so the refrain goes...

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