Turner Goes From Hero To Brat

I was wrong. Garth Turner isn't the man I thought he was:
"OTTAWA — Maverick Conservative MP Garth Turner is once again playing the thorn in his government's side, publicly calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to scrap part of the Tory election platform that he says is proving unpopular.
The Prime Minister's Office responded quickly to Mr. Turner's press release, saying it had no intention of backing away from election promises. "We're going to fulfill our commitments," Mr. Harper's communications director, Sandra Buckler, said.

I didn't know what to make over suggestions that Turner was merely grand standing and showing off over his opposition to the Prime Minister on the Emerson issue. I was just glad that there was a Tory MP in Ottawa that seemed to agree with what was the prevailing opinion from Tory supporters that Emerson's appointment was not only wrong it was a mistake.

His comments at some points seemed slightly showy. Other Tories seemed to pounce on him though I relented. These latest actions are the nail in the coffin though I think.

It's clear that Turner isn't in this for the sake of any principles I know of. He's in it for Garth and Garth alone.

How can he have the gall to suggest that Harper scrap any part of a platform that was fought and voted on in election barely a couple months ago?

Because he does some sort of survey he deems representative of the Canadian population he thinks he knows better than the millions that vote Tory or the thousands of Tory supporters that canvassed and called based on those promises?

Flap-happy crap is what it is.


  1. Didn't we just get rid of a leader that swayed whicever way the polls went. Martin would not blow his nose without his Earnscliff pollsters asking Canadians if he should use linen, kleenex or 100% cotten.

    In the end Martin's nose just got longer and longer and totally filled with snot.

    So now Garth Turner thinks Mr. Harper should twist and turn from an internet based poll where most of the people who wnet to Turner's site were Liberals, red tories or other lefties who thought they had found themselves a hero.

    Urghhhhh. Maybe he should run for the Liberal leadership since he has already self-appointed himself as the Conservative's official opposition.

  2. This promise breaking nonsense has given me an idea.

    In honour of Garth’s recommendation, I’ve decided to start the “Garth Turner Broken Promise Contest”

    The reader who can come closest to predicting what Garth’s broken promise will be will be crowned the winner.

    Feel free to drop by my blog at http://langhjelmletter.blogspot.com/2006/03/garth-turner-broken-promise-contest.htm
    to enter.

  3. Sorry, make that


  4. Yeah, I used to think Garth was true-blue too. Hah! He's just a grumpy grandstander, who got his nose out of joint because he didn't get a Cabinet post. Well, he's just cinched it for himself now. He should cross the floor. He's an embarrassment to the party.

  5. Personally, I think that Garth's thing is that he's trying to prove to Halton that he's not a Conservative MP so much as an MP tht happens to be Conservative (aka, that can change!). This of course is meant to ensure his re-election for the rest of time to come. This latest incident has no principle or value that I can see which puts the country or its people first: it's all about Garth!

  6. I completely agree Jason! At first I liked the idea that people within our party were free to critisize based on principle, but he has taken this too far. We ran the election on being honest in government, we have to at least try to implement our platform. It is shameful that Garth Turner is trying to break election promises. My uncle (that voted for Michael Chong I'm pretty sure) said before the election that he wished he lived in the next door riding just so he could vote against Turner, I now understand why.

  7. Check out Garth's blog. Comments are getting very interesting!