Finishing the White Elephant...

NASA seems gun-hoe about getting the ISS done by 2010.

The biggest problem with the ISS is that it has essentially become a playground for astronauts to do science experiments.

Science is great. Space exploration is better.

Purpose numero dos of building a space station in orbit is almost the most forgotten one... Back when the plan to build a space station was called "Freedom" and the US had a movie star President I remember reading about how a space station would be like a "space garage."

That panned out didn't it? What we need in space is cheap waypoints to the Moon, Mars and beyond. Not more dead frog leg experiments.

I would suggest to most people gun-hoe about finishing the white elephant in the sky that they learn to be flexible on that date of 2010. Flap-happy crap, they should be flexible on the whole "finishing" thing too. With the safety issues the shuttle has been having, and NASA shifting it's focus from science to exploration eventually something will have to give.

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