"Scott Brison Leadership Run" R.I.P.

"I think you will be happier very soon . . . this week probably."(link)

The Income Trust Scandal seems to be the gift that keeps on giving to the Harper Tories.

It is now apparent that multiple members of the previous Liberal regime gave what seem to be "tips" to certain members of the financial community about that government announcement eons ago that seemed to make the financial markets go "kaboom"...

"Insider Trading!" the NDP screamed. More than a few denials, an election, and a pending RCMP investigation later we apparently have our first real political victim: Scott Brison.

One little email saying what he said above now links him to Liberal corruption. Before this he was clean as a whistle being a Tory for the past decade before his spontaneous change of heart. It was his main strength that he had as a prospective Liberal "chef"...

Keeping your big trap shut is rule numero uno in politics. And I would say it should be especially so when it's in traceable correspondence from an ambitious cabinet minister. Scott Brison broke that rule and now he is about to undergo a political death of sorts - and probably not the first one to come for this ambitious little Napoleon from the East coast.

It's hard not to believe that this email wasn't released with political motive involved. It's too perfect to destroy his campaign and his leadership "mantra." Apparently the email was only discovered after an internal CIBC investigation.

It's very "squeaky" clean.

However, it's very easy for some Liberal leadership candidates, or their friends, to have just one friend in the right place to make something like this happen. Afterall the Liberals were in power for over a decade...

That makes many powerful and loyal friends in high places... Loyal even when they aren't in power.

Will Brison run? Funny enough, I still think he will. He wants to be "Le Chef" so badly not to I would say. Though his real chances died with that lovable scandal that never seems to go away.

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  1. Totally agree with you, Jason. Brison is done, and he doesn't even know it.

    In fact, he spins this whole thing as showing how honest and transparent he is! More Liberal lunacy and self-indulgence.