Slight - um - Contradiction

Apparently Political Parties have become a thing of the past:
Interviewees admitted that parties had lost touch with their grassroots membership in a move to centralize power. "Today, parties are so closely managed by the leader's entourage that debate is stifled and creativity all but eliminated," the discussion paper says. "The close ties between party and leader today mean that the leader will be saddled with whatever points of view are expressed by members of the party."

Just how people can manage to say that the "leader to much power" along with "the leader is saddled with actually doing what members tell him to do" is far beyond me. Either the leader has too much power, or he's a King that doesn't listen to his members. Because if he's listening to his members because he's forced to, I wouldn't call that "centralized power."

Basically the rest of the piece is just about as enlightening.

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