I've chimed away before that the Liberal's Kyoto implementation strategy was all smoke and mirrors meant to appease the Environutsos out there... Now a member of the Liberal elite just confirmed it:
' The blunt-talking Tom Axworthy, a former aide to Pierre Trudeau who teaches at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont., also says the former government's Kyoto policy was not only difficult to understand, "it wasn't real anyway." '

Anyone that looked objectively at the Kyoto accord and the government's plan knew this for a while. All Ottawa did is sign a piece of paper and then it ran around the country offering exemptions to every industry to calmn investors down. With all these exemptions, how were we going to achieve the reductions? Tax credits.

Knowing the massive cuts required in Kyoto were already unrealistic myself to expect out of a society that literally runs on fossil fuels, I knew that some measily tax credits wouldn't accomplish much. Far better to lower the goals to something realistic... Say like a reduction in the carbon "intensity" levels like Bush and Klein have always proposed?

No that would be too reasonable.

Now after seeing years of Liberals denying this fact, turning into final admission of their own tomfoolery, the one lesson I garner from all of this is this: never trust what comes out of Liberal's mouth. I'm sure other Canucks won't come to much of a different conclusion.

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  1. Kyoto is a typical leftwing protocol; short on practicality, high on ideology, strategically crafted to punish the industrial complexes of first world Capitalist nations and give a free ride to developing and Communist nations.

    Just as long as we say we're doing something, right??