Anti-Semitism on this blog...

"The wars of the USA apart from being at the behest of the Zionist lobby, are mostly about maintaining the hegemony of the US dollar balanced against the more important and overriding goal of controlling the world energy resources."

This was part of a series of comments made by certain people believing apparently that I would be open to this racist looney bin nonsense.

Yes, that's right, a global conspiracy of Jews is scheming to get the US to go to war...

Let me guess, the moon landings were false, the world is flat and Reagan was an alien too eh?

BTW - If you want to convince me that Bush is evil, the best way to do so isn't to start by talking about the "Zionist lobby."

If anyone is offended by these comments, please let me know, and I can delete the blog post it comes from.


  1. Jason, The comments from Rabbitvoz were not offensive and were not anti-semitic. Anti-zionist, yes. I didn't see any mention of a global conspiracy of Jews either except in your post just now.

    Did you catch any of the recent speech that the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert delivered to the US Congress? If that isn't a Zionist lobby I don't know what is.

    Why wouldn't you want to discuss the relationship between the USA and Israel and the influence it has on mideast foreign policy?

  2. The words he used were "The wars of the USA apart from being at the behest of the Zionist lobby..."

    He's not mentioning a specific war, just all "wars" in general of the USA were "at the behest" of Jews. Just what in the hell does that mean to you Dave?!???

    Maybe you don't realise this, but those words are dangerously close to anti-semitic codewords I've heard from holocaust deniers.

    As for the influence Israel has on mideast foreign policy, let's talk about it by all means. But it shouldn't degenerate into suggestions that the "Zionist Lobby" is some sort of evil force pushing the US to war!

    That's fantical nonsense. And if those comments do not end, I will stop posting your and your friends comments.

    I'm not one for political correctness, I've let a whole bunch of stuff go through as comments on this blog, but that for me just goes too far.

  3. Thanks for you reply, Jason.

    Yes, I will agree that Rabbitvoz could have been more specific as to which war(s) he was referencing. But again I will point out that he was referring specifically to Zionists in that instance and it is your own words that switched to "Jews" at the end of the phrase "at the behest" when you repeated it again. There is a big difference between Jews and Zionists and not all Zionists are Jewish.

    I am fully aware of the situation regarding people who deny or question aspects of the Holocaust here in Canada. Rabbitvoz did not bring up the Holocaust, you did.

    As for discussing the Israeli or Zionist lobby, I would be happy to discuss that or any other topic but only in a forum where both sides of a issue are given the same opportunity for study and debate. Isn't that why we are doing this? To learn and interact with others, to trade opinions and ideals. Right? Dismissing anything as nonsense isn't the way to learn if it is nonsense or not. Sometimes you can never really know anyways but I digress.

    The invasion of Iraq and the potential attack on Iran are not events happening in a vacuum. There are many complex issues involved, we touched on a few of them in your WW3 post. Another is that the United States and Israel are allies. They have considerable influence with the US as far as mid-east policy goes. I'm not sure if they were an official member of the Coalition of the Willing but rest assured that Israel was very happy to see the USA invade Iraq and encouraged them to do so.

    Of course you are free to do as you will and stop posting any comments you wish. If any of my comments have offended you I would expect that you would tell me, specifically, so that I may apologize and if any of my comments are less than clear please let me know so I may explain my position more thoroughly.

    As for my friends. I do know Rabbit. He, like you is someone I met out and about on blogs very like your own. He does what he wills. Rabbit and others like him are my friends because they are not my enemies. I don't think you and I are enemies so we must be friends too. Yes?