The Clown Show Files VIII

Apparently Liberal Leadership candidates and Liberal boogeymen are pouting about unfavorable, or as they call it "unfair", bilingual tests done by linguistic fanatical "national" newspapers.

See up in the Great White North, if you aint bilingual, you can't speak the language of Quebequers to Quebequers. So, you're sent into linguistic purgatory until you can cleanse yourself of your unhappy anglophone ways.

I shouldn't forget to mention that there is no lack of room for growth at this point for the Liberal Party in Quebec after the Sponsorship scandal. Right now the Liberals find themselves, ironically, in the same situation of their oft criticized seperatists: more seats than they have votes. At this point they are third in the province of Quebec.

This factors highly apparently in the ego-centric consciousness of the Liberal Party. You see that party has billed itself as THE party of canada. Infact, it's boasted before of beying the only TRUE national party of canada.

Obviously they aint so national no more. Hence the bilingual self conscious banter by leadership candidates recently. Fortunately for those of us sitting on the opposite side of the fence, laughing at the clown show that our beloved Fiberal Party of Canada has descended into, we see more toomfoolery to laugh at now that the likes of Scott Brison is making himself look like an unhappy school boy that just failed a test.

It's an asset for a leader of a national party to be bilingual. But it shouldn't be pulic policy or a law. If anything having a bilingual leader helps the party electorially to gain seats because he can better communicate the message to Francophones.

And surely, it is better to look at substance than ability. Someone who has the right principles, and who will make the right decisions is a better candidate in my opinion than someone that has all the ability but no substance.

But again we are assuming that our Friends in the Party of No Principle, in the party that believes the consitution is a "Living Document" free to be manipulated at will, in the party that can't decide if a fiscal balance exists or not, in the party disappearing cash in brown paper bags, and in the party of opportunistic turncoats for leadership contenders, that they would possibily see any appreciation for substance.

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