A Burst of Enlightenment From Foaming Mouth Hairy Armpitted Lefties...

Courtesy Relapsed Catholic, we have what Collectivist Canadian Hippies think are right wing "code words..."

Here are some of my favorites:

"Anti-Christian (Secularist)"

So apparently bashing Christians is religion now... Wait a minute wasn't it-ahum!-always?

"Child pornography. (We're going to convince you that we are protecting your children from exploitation when we restrict your online civil liberties to appease religious conservatives and big business.)"

Ya, that's right, registering sex offenders is all a big plot to restrict your liberties because apparently businessmen that ordinarily care about making profits and churchgoers that normally care about children get a high off of it.

"Anything with 'choice' in it. "

How 'bout choice in horse manure?

"Anything that refers to 'family'"

Horrible right wingers... Bringing up families and loving each other and stuff.

This word just drives me up the wall, though I really can't explain why ('Unborn' doesn't bother me at all). I maintain that if they can refer to a fetus in that manner, then I should be able to refer to them (or anyone else alive, for that matter) as 'pre-dead.'"

That's sounded like a threat boys and girls... I wonder if he plans to kill us all off with his "registered" firearm.

"'Activist judges' -- i.e. judges who make decisions we don't like, usually the kind that nibble away at established areas of privilege ..."

Maybe they could do some nibbling away at the class of Starbuck's coffee drinking Toronto centered Liberals?

Seriously though, the suggestion that "Activist Judges" don't exist is the respite of the lost. Just how many cases need to go in the left's favour before they admit that maybe, just maybe, having left wing judges makes a difference?

But this one just makes me laugh:

"But it's time we 'run the government like a business!' "

Actually that's a Liberal codeword my hairy armpitted friend.


But what about other Liberal Codewords?

How 'bout "Progressivism"... ie how we are superior to you and all you other puny mortals.

Or what about "Sustainable" anything? Really it's just a codeword for how we can create government programs to funnel money to Liberal friendlies out there.

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