The Clown Show Files VII

Apparently the Liberals are being told to focus on rural Canada in the next election:
"There's a fear and anger out there in rural Canada..."
That's an understatement. There's a seething white hot anger against the Liberal Party not just in rural Canada but everywhere across the DOMINION. Who would have figured that the Liberal Party of Canada would finally manage to unite both Quebequers and Albertans?

Two solitudes as one... Pierre Trudeau would have been proud.

Also apparently Gerard Kennedy is moving his arse to La BELLE province. This is all an effort to make him look more pan-Canadian, and reach out the whole whack of Liberals that we all know will be voting for Stephane Dion.
"Kennedy and his wife, Jeanette Arsenault, are now looking for a home as well as schools for their children, aged 3 and 7. They'll move as soon as they can and spend at least several months there in advance of the Dec. 2-3 leadership vote."

One question: Does Kennedy actually think he'll be able to win a seat out there? Besides Montreal, me thinks that Quebec is turning quickly into a Liberal wasteland.

And on another note Bill Graham gave a little pep talk this week about Harper's "mean-spirited agenda..." Whoops! That must've been a Freudian slip by the Great Graham Cracker, doesn't he mean Harper's hidden agenda? Aren't we all supposed to be afraid of what Harper isn't saying that he will do?... Oh ya, that's right, BECAUSE HE'S DOING EXACTLY WHAT HE SAID HE WOULD DO.

But this was the kicker:
'"Canadians can't be bought," he said.

He knows that from personal experience...

And just so that this story has some lib leadership material:

'Admitting to his party's recent setbacks, Graham promised a Liberal renewal.'

'Part of its rejuvenation, he said, is an "honest and transparent" leadership race.'

Uh-oh. We've seen honest and transparent government a la Liberal and their was money moving around in brown paper bags to Liberal friendly ad firms in Quebec...

Maybe he should've chosen a different jumble of words.

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  1. MadMacs of Bytown10:01 AM

    A political pundit recently stated that Stephane Dion is to bring the Quebec vote and deliver to Eminent Person (my words) Rae on the next ballot. Maybe that's the reason Denis Coderre, who's no shrinking violet (remember "see you in court!"?), decided not to run. Therefore GK is wasting his time.

  2. Anonymous3:52 PM

    Now that the Conservatives are in it is just a matter of time before all rural issues are resolved. Seeing that the party is so strongly connected to the rural voter its a can't miss proposition. So they just have to hold on a little bit longer and their prayers will at last be answered.