When Prostitution Turns Into Slavery

Reports are that 40,000 women will be imported into Germany to sexualy service men.

The legalisation of prostitution combined with Germany's welfare state has created a frightening situation where women could be forced into prostitution by the state.

What's really amazing about all this, is that this prostitution drive is state sponsorsed.

So, if you have a moral problem with women being used as objects, in Germany you have to deal with the fact that probably some of your tax money is indirectly going to support it.


  1. The story about the waitress possibly being forced into prositution to avoid losing her unemployment benefits blows me away.

    I hope somebody employs her in a job she wants to do.

  2. I've been wondering lately wether or not it's possible to legalise prostitution without it degenerating into situations ripe for abuse...

  3. I should clarify the last comment, I didn't mean to suggest that prostitution isn't in itself an "abuse" I believe it is an abuse of women for sure.

    But the question I've been wondering is whether it's possible to legalise prostitution without a manifestion of this specific form of abuse that Curious Dave talks about materialising.

  4. Abuses take place in all sorts of situations. I am all for free will and personal freedom but it is important for the community at large to prevent abuse and or suffer further consequences.

    I live in a farming and agricultural community. A large proportion of field workers are east indians. A fair number of them work for farm labour companies who exploit them and the system as far as unemployment, CCP, and tax deductions.