Still Afraid Of Being Tared and Feathered...

Driving through NY.

About ten miles out of Syracuse.

Some nameless town off of the I-81 comes up.

I go into Arby's needing to evacuate and replenish... Preferably to evacuate first then to replenish.

Girl at counter 20 feet away: "Hello! How are you doing today! How can we help you?!!"

Part of me wanted to scream out, "I'm 20 feet away, no where near the counter, why the hell can't just let me pee first!"

Instead I hold it, and order. One problem: no cash.

No problem: Arby's in the USofA takes MasterCard. God Bless America.

I hand girl at counter credit card.

Girl: "So you're from Canada, eh?" Yanks just can't help but add in the eh at the end of sentence when dealing with Canucks can they?

I wonder how this Yank managed to figure out what Armed American Security Guards can't seem to figure out on a daily basis... Then I look down.

My CreditCard has MapleLeafs all over it.

Me: "The Card kind of gives it away doesn't it?"

Girl: "Yes, it does."

PS - I think you Yankees are getting worse not better with your driving. Back when I was living in NY I don't remember that bad drivers...Honestly, who makes a right turn, in FRONT of another driver making a right turn? That's just being a jerk.

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  1. You ate at Arby's?

    You must have been really hungry.