It's all the shoes...

New Finance minister. New budget. But it's the same old shoe story.

See in the DOMINION of Canada, we Canucks like our finance ministers to wear shoes appropo to their budgets they are presenting. It's kinda like a tradition. For example he wears old shoes if he wants to say more of the same. The shoes he wears are supposed to say something about the budget.

When the Goodale delivered his budget, I dissected into oblivion Goodale's shoes.

So I figure, why not do it again with Finance Ministery Flaherty - the King of the Irish Dancers?

Look at those shoes? Doesn't that just smell of a hidden agenda eh? Look at how inconspicous and innocent those soles look... It hides an evil child killing, Iraq invading bunion of unimaginable proportions that will catapult us into deficit and lots of hell and brimstone... more fire... more... Ok that was the best impression that I could do of a rabid lunatic overly hairy armpitted socialist, but If you have better...

Well...Well start your own Blog then!

Not much is known about Flaherty's brand of shoes. But all we know is in the selection of the shoes he looked for shoes of "moderate cost, not too expensive, but hopefully decent quality..."

I guess that means Private TWO TIER healthcare!... There it proves it! The world is ending! The world is ending! Hidden Agenda exposed!

Ok so maybe the doomsday scenario that the Left hyped hasn't happened. Maybe, just maybe, the King of Irish Dancers aint planning to suck people's blood afterall.

We also know they are $185 shoes.

So we have a pair of generic dress shoes, at moderate cost, but they should last a while.

Contrast that to Goodale's $250 European fancy smanshy shoes.

It means this budget will be much like this government. It won't be flashy. It won't spend money like a monkey bank teller. But it should last a while...

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  1. Wow you can deduce all of that from the shoes the guy is wearing? Impressive.