Polls are for Dogs

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government is so popular with Canadians that it would be swept back into power with a majority if an election was held now, a new poll has found..." (link)

And so it starts. Already I can see the next Head Clown of the Liberal Party spouting out in the next election "Vote Liberal; Stop a Harper Majority!"

The only thing that these polls reveal is that people like to be with the winners. This time around it's my guys. For the last 13 years it was the opposite. Post Harper, the Liberals enjoyed support that was rumoured to be "a mile long but an inch thick." Most of that support came from the day after know it alls, that don't want anyone to know that they didn't vote the same way everybody else did.

This time the Tories are the winners.

Hey... I'm with the winners. That's a weird thought. 100 days later, and the thought of saying the words "Prime Minister Stephen Harper" still seems odd. I remember meeting Harper when he was nothing... Just some guy running for a leadership position no one wanted.

Nothing matters except elections - and no poll matters unless it's done during an election as far as I'm concerned.

Nice numbers from Quebec though. I watch La Belle Province with glee.

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