Oh No! The Sheehan Strikes!

Cindy seems to have become an expert on Canada and Canadian political issues after a single tour. I not going to say much on her vehement diatriabe, but there are just some things that just need to be corrected:
Canadians are distressed that defense spending rose by 5.3 billions of dollars ... while the preschool budget is being cut and college tuition is rising. ... This manipulation of facts and the exploitation of fear and false patriotism is being fueled by the Canadian media who seem to be turning, for the most part, into propaganda tools of their government a la our rightwing 4th estate.

Mrs. Sheehan, it would be wise to please read a paper, a Canadian magazine or maybe even a book on Canadian politics before making bold pronouncements on something you obviously know so little about. And I don't mean that in a malicious way, that's just plainly obvious from that statement.

Honestly I think that whole diatribe almost seems comical... Like it comes from the once popular Canadian political TV show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes." Once that TV show had a segment where they managed to get an American Professor from Columbia to sign a petition asking the Canadian government "to stop the practice of sending Canadian seniors north on Canadian icebergs..."

The fact is that the Canadian military for the past 13 years of Liberal rule faced cutback after cutback after cutback after cutback... We couldn't even afford to give our soldiers desert combats. Instead we told them to use their Forrest green combats, good for forest, but not quite the terrain of Afghanistan. Things were so bad even the Liberals couldn't ignore the problem, and started increasing funding themselves.

We couldn't even afford to replace 30 year old Sea King Helicopters that were falling out of the sky... It was so bad that the Sea Kings became the subject of jokes by many.

I would suggest Mrs. Sheehan please repeat that comment she made about military funding to anyone of those pilots that died or were injured from the Sea Kings. That may her change her opinions on the subject a bit.

And I would also like to point out that the Canadian media is about as Left wing as it can possibly get. In the US, they have the right wing FOX news. In Canada we have CTV who's board mostly contributed to the Liberal Party over the years, and the CBC, whose governing board of directors donated even more.

Harper has come under fire for commenting on the apparent media bias countless times. There has been no lack of hate between the PMO and the media in Canada contrary to Sheehan's divined - or should I say fabricated? - opinion.

And if Mrs. Sheehan has a real problem with the war in Afghanistan she has no where farther to look than the Liberal Party of Canada which brought the country there. Of course, she never did protest on former Prime Minister Paul Martin's lawn asking him to pull out troops calling him a "Bush Clone" did she?

Apparently neither consistency, or research are Cindy Sheehan's strong suits.

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