Why can't you Yankees keep your problems at Home?

Sheehan's wirlwind Canuck tour has just begun:
'Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq two years ago and who is now the most visible face in the U.S. anti-war movement, said Canada's presence in Afghanistan frees U.S. troops to fight in Iraq, a war she said the average Canadian and some families of Canadian soldiers oppose.'

' "They should take their tents and put them on the Prime Minister's lawn and say, `I want to know why you're making our soldiers fight and die, and kill innocent people in Afghanistan, and I'm not moving until you let me know,'" she said.'

I wonder where Cindy was when the previous Liberal administration was in power, and brought us into Afghanistan?... Why wasn't she protesting then?

This is horrible. It's obvious that Cindy Sheehan couldn't care less about her dead son. If she did, she would have been consitent on this count. Instead she sees an opportunity to attack a "conservative" government, and so she prowls...

But when it's liberals in power, then she keeps her mouth shut. For shame...

And looking at her personal life, I would suggest that Cindy would do well to personally reflect well on her life, her son, and just what she stands for. Her moral choices are greatly in suspect at this point.

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  1. Anonymous6:09 PM

    The poor woman, lied to by the new age leftists in Canada that we were always PeaceKeepers and everyone likes us.

    Canada was into WW2 27 months before her Country joined to stop Hitler and Japan , Canada was also in WW1 long before the US.

    I'm not too sure if the problem is the the son is stupid, or the mother.

    Someone tell her the Korean conflict is over, Canada lost 500 soldiers, not PeaceKeepers.
    OH yeah, and the Japanese surrendered which saved millions of lives on both sides for soldiers and civilians.

    Ironically, if she had her way back then she wouldn't be free to speak her mind, and even if she did it would be in either German or Japanese.