The New Battlestar Gallactica

I watched the new Battlestar Gallactica 2 part mini-series premiere for the series premiere last weekend. Gallactica was a series that ran in the 70's, and this new series is a remake of the old.

I watched it last weekend only to be half excited and half dissapointed. I have to admit it grew on me so much that I couldn't stop thinking about it after I watched it. I ended up watching the thing over again today.

My problems initially was that they replaced the character Starbuck - the womanizing, cigar smoking, hero of the original - with a woman. Now I don't care if they want to add more characters to the series but the character of Starbuck was a classic, and I was initial ticked off that they decided to tamper with my memory of the rebel pilot Starbuck.

I have to admit that I accepted it after a while. And on the overall I think it works in the series although I will always never see her as Starbuck, but as something brand new and not at all related. If you've seen the original series you'd know what I'm talking about here. Making Starbuck into a woman is like turning Captain Kirk into a chick - it just doesn't jive in your head.

Ok... Need a synopsis of the series? Probably should have done this at the beginning but if you don't like sci-fi I bet you didn't read this far anyways so who cares?

Basically all of humanity comes from this planet called Cobalt. Thousands of years ago 12 tribes leave the planet to found the 12 colonies of cobalt. Eventually they start fighting with each other and create these machines called "Cylons" to help them fight. The Cylons turn against their masters and the 12 colonies unite and force an armistice with the Cylons. 40 years go by, and humans forget about the Cylons only to be nuked to death by the Cylons in a surprise attack aided by a human traitor. In the new series this is changed a bit because the human traitor is a scientist having an affair with a chick that turns out to be a new model of Cylon that looks exactly like a human instead of the toaster oven variety everybody knows and loves with knight rider eyes who used the human to hack into the colonies defenses. The old series had a politician betraying the human race. The addition of Cylons that look like humans, I think, was actually a neat idea.

Anyways all of humanity is destroyed except one Battlestar survives - The Gallactica - with a band of survivors in small spaceships. They take off after a legend that says that a 13th tribe left Cobalt and founded a colony called "Earth."

Lorne Green was the commander of the Battlestar Gallactica in the original, the new one actually seems pretty cool.

Overall I think I'm going to be hooked to this series - if not already.

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