Titan The Fart Gas Planet

The first images from Titan have come through:

Lots of Nitrogen and Methane. Basically a nice little fart gas planet. Those scientists must feel pretty good right about know.

What I don't understand is why I've heard silch from anyone on the possible commercial developments of Titan. With an atmosphere like this one making rocket fuel should be a lot easier I'd think. I guess I'm expecting a lot from NASA to actually consider how humans may actually live and have an economy on Titan. They still haven't figured out how to do that in low earth orbit let alone the moon.

The only way regular people will ever get to Titan is private individuals do it. Governments have a habit of not carrying about cost so much, or for that matter getting regular people in space. Hopefully Burt Rutan will have those ships built on time, that and these guys decide to compete for the America Prize.

With any luck I'll be strapping my behind to a rocket waiting for someone to light the other end in about 20 years.

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