Calling All Kyoto Supporters: Wake up - the Feds are Faking it!

This is the point I've been trying to make all along. Kyoto was never implementable. The proof of this is the fact that the federal government never really intended to implement it, they figured they could fake it. They have to strike somewhere to reduce carbon emissions - so who will it be?

Will it be the Auto industry? Nope, wouldn't want to upset all those Liberal Union Auto Workers.

Will it be the oil industry? Nope, because they'd just lob the burden at the gas pump with price increases, and the PMO doesn't want to make Canadians even more ticked off about gas prices.

Will it be drivers? Imagine paying a "Kyoto Fee" or a "Kyoto Tax" on every mile you drive. Something tells me it wouldn't be too popular.

If you want to implement Kyoto those are the choices you have. The Feds know this, they just won't tell anybody. So if you're an enviro nutso, just to let you know, they ain't implementing it - they're faking it.

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