Keep Gomery!

Well wouldn't ya know it, Chretien and his merry band of Fiberal Liars want to give Gomery the boot.

Kinsella, the ol' pit bull himself, has been all over this thing for weeks now but only now people are starting to pay attention. Apparently Gomery has said things like "I'm coming to the same conclusion as Sheila Fraser that this was a government program which was run in a catastrophically bad way". No freaking really! Note to Kinsella: Suck it up, Get over it. It wouldn't matter who the judge would be, everyone would come to the exact same conclusion that Fraser came to and that's that there was something fishy going on during those Chretien years and taxpayers were screwed royaly for it.

Kinsella may be innocent himself, but there is no way that Chretien or not even some of his advisors or not even one person in government knew nothing about what was going on in the sponsorship program. That's borderline loonieville like believeing in Unicorns and Leprecauns...

Kinsella get over it already and focus on your pet project to keep Dalton McGuilty in government for another disastrous 4 years.

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