Obsessed with 'V'

Anyone else obsessed with 'V?'

It was an alien invansion series from back in '83. Back when I was in highschool I knew someone who gave me the complete series (Miniseries and TV shows) on VHS. It took me 4 days but I couldn't stop watching until it was done.

A decade goes by and guess what? Space is running it.

Where were the commercials advertising it? Where was the fanfare? You got to space's website and it doesn't even list it as a regular in it's weekly grid, you have to go to the program listings for Saturday to realise that it's going on.

This is ridiculous. I'm betting that the ratings would have been huge if they had bothered to lift a finger and advertise the freakin' thing.

'V' is an original alien invansion story. It was the first real attempt to popularise a certain take on the alien invansion genre. This take was the interpretation that the way an alien species would invade is to convertly take control slowly, at first making humanity think they are benevolant and good. I ends up there reptilians wearing masks, that have a penchant for eating humans and have a plan to steal earth's resources. It gets better though. The 'Leader' is all behind this. And there is a 'Fifth Column' of Aliens trying to defeat him.

So here's the deal, humanity has to fight for victory against the Leader and with the Fifth collumn. All the while there are still humans that believe that the Aliens are good and the rebels are just a bunch of terrorists so they fight with the aliens.

If you've seen 'Earth Final Conflict,' don't worry - this series was a heck of a lot cooler. 'V' is for 'Victory,' and is a play on Winston Churchill's V is for victory thing.

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