Hospital Bail-out Schmail-Out!

They want to give Ontario hospitals more money? They can start by getting rid of all those nonsense seminars that Hospitals spend money on to try to teach nurses how to "reduce stress in the workplace" or something like that. Most nurses hate these seminars. I remember renting out a room from one nurse. By her descriptions they sounded like a complete waste of time. They want to reduce the stress of nurses in the workplace they can start first by not wasting taxpayers money and hire more some more nurses with the money they save.

They could also try imposing fees on those that can afford them. There are plenty of users of health care that can afford them, and if hospitals were allowed to levy fees it might discourage those people from going into hospitals for stupid reasons.

Oh ya, and they can roll back the salaries of hospital administrators and freeze salary increases on them.

Fat chance of that happening. Why should hospital administrators bother to fix the problems they have when the Premier's office will just bail them out.

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