3 Billion's a Big Number

I'm going to try to be as fair as I can be about the situation in Sri-Lanka and Southern India. Right now the amount of aid pledged is somewhere near 3 billion dollars. I said I would be fair so here it goes: this is a great show generosity for the world community and humanity at large. No amount of money would ever be enough, but the number I think is a good sign that this world still has a sense of compassion for those need.

All of this being said I can't help but wonder how much harm this money might do. Every crisis brings those that would abuse people for their own purposes. Such a large amount of money will no doubt draw the attention of those that would take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately there will be probably be a large amount of corruption involved in this nonsense - not to mention fraud. And I'm betting that some terrorist groups will no doubt use this opportunity to gain some funds themselves.

What doesn't help is the UN, with it's great record with the Oil for Food Program, is supposed to heading up the relief efforts.

Hopefully I'm wrong, and it won't turn out as bad as I think it might. This may be a price that we are forced to pay to help those truly in need after such a disaster.

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