Canadian Liberals on Fox News

It's hilarious to watch Canadian Liberals rant about FOX News. I just heard one express the opinion that Fox News was just a propaganda machine.

Fair enough. But what about the CBC? People are living in la la land if they honestly think that the CBC is not just a propaganda machine for the Liberal/NDP left-wing of the country. For you Americans the CBC is the Canadian version of PBS except fully funded by the government and completely anti-Conservative.

I have issues with the government channel, and the rest of the politburo nationally in this country, but to hear this stuff just makes me laugh. If Canadian Liberals honestly believe that the CBC, or the Canadian media for that matter is that much above the likes of the propaganda spewing Fox News... Well then there hopelessly biased themselves.

Look, I'm Conservative - so let's call a spade a spade. Fox News is Conservative and always reports the news with a conservative bent. But to think that the CBC, the channel run by and for the government is not as biased towards the government?

For pete's sake, that's like the pot calling the kettle black.

My pop always told me, never read from one side, always read from both. So when it comes to news I say never watch the news from one source with only one world view, see what the other side is saying and you'll have a better view of reality.

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