The flags are back up

So Danny boy has the
flags back up. The reason he can get away with all of this of course is because Newfoundland has a history of flamboyant populist Premiers.

He's right of course on the case of Oil revenues. Though he's wrong when it comes to using the flag of the country to make his point. I appreciate the fact he was looking to make a big too-doo, and good on him for doing it. Using the flag though to do it was distastefull in my opinion.

There are better ways to make your point besides using the flag and the ire of seperatism. Not that this is isn't typical of Canadian politics. The one uniting principle of Confederation is that we are all still colonies. Nothing has changed. We are still a bunch of non-American colonies still struggling to deal with living with each other with an ever centralizing central government.

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