The Canadian Kyoto I Told You So

Anybody remember people saying about a couple years ago that Kyoto was unworkable, and that the emissions targets were never realistic and could never be met unless drastic draconian actions were taken against businesses or consumers?

Apparently it has finally come to fruition. Paul Martin, and the Liberals know what really will be required to cut emissions - tax increases. Either lobbed against the oil industry or directly onto consumers themselves. Regardless if you agree with Kyoto or not that is about the only way to do this. Giving tax incentives and expecting a 30% reduction in emission levels over the next decade is a pie in the sky hope, that'll never be met. People have to stop using their cars and the only way to stop people from going to work is to force them to.

As for trading emission credits all I have to say is TANSTAAFL (There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch). Someone has to pay somewhere... This treaty was a disaster in my opinion before it came into force.

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