Some people never give up...

How sad is this.

To think these guys used to be Cabinet Ministers and people in government. They've become a fringe group on the edge of political reason. Harper if anything has been critized for going to far to the center lately. Interesting that these people still find some reason to still attack him and the party.

You'd figure these guys would see the writting on the wall and try to adapt to changing times. Sometimes I wonder if they really are just Liberals stuck in PC party for years either by chance or opportunity. And today they are lost not knowing where to go or what to do.

I hope the first thing they learn is that you can't form a party based on vague platitudes and uncertain goals. People won't give money or time to a party that won't be clear on the issues. It's ironic since that was the very reason why the Conservative movement split in the first place. Good luck on the new venture. They'll need it.

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