More Grewal

The Tories have responded to claims that they have tampered the audio tapes that show senior Liberals offering patronage appointments as bribes for Conservative MP Gurmant Grewal's support. Apparently there is audio missing from the recordings.

Someone screwed up.

This missing audio should be released to the public immediately. The longer they wait, the more the Liberals can spin this into a story of a Conservative cover up.

We don't want the public to focus on the few minutes of lost audio in the worst technical blunder I can't think of to happen in the world of politics. We want the public to be focusing on this:
"[Conservative Leader Stephen Harper] will have to deal with [Tory MP Gurmant Grewal, who made the tapes], but we have to deal with our own... The use of the words 'Senate' and 'foreign posting,' even if no offer was made, is totally odious. There are several MPs who are remaining silent but who think Murphy and Dosanjh have crossed the threshold of acceptable political discourse."

Who said this? Sarnia Liberal MP Roger Gallaway. A Liberal MP calling on the health minister and Paul Martin's right hand man to resign?... The stench is so bad even Liberals can't take anymore.

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  1. Just so you know, this was reported at NealeNews last night with the actual Conservative press release.

    You can see it here:

    And as can be seen, it does not change the substance of the conversations in the least. And nobody should be worried about this as long as the RCMP have the original tapes.